Credit Karma Isn't Accurate

What do you mean Credit Karma

Isn't Accurate?

Don't get me wrong, Credit Karma is great to monitor your credit and ensure your credit isn't being pulled or that your identity hasn't been stolen because it offers alerts with the monitoring. However, the scores are not accurate for financing because they are not FICO finance scores. The scores that you can pull yourself are actually Vantage consumer scores, which are not the same scores that the banks & loan officers pull.  They are very different. 

The only scores that truly matter are lending reports and scores which are the reports used to determine if you qualify for financing. These are scores that the mortgage company, banks and other lending institutions  pull when you apply for financing. Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and are all examples of reports that you as a consumer can pull for free. These are Vantage consumer scores and are not finance scores that a bank or lending institution would actually show. The scores can actually vary anywhere from 30-200 point difference.

Please Note * Even if you go directly to the credit bureaus and pull your credit, those are also Vantage Consumer scores & they are not going to be the same scores that bank bank will pull. You as a consumer cannot pull a finance credit report & scores. So technically you will not know what your true scores are for financing unless you have a lender pull your credit. 

Looking to Buy a House or Obtain Financing?

Do Not Use Credit Karma As Your Credit Source

The scores from these consumer credit monitoring companies are way off. For example, my Credit Karma scores are 92 points lower than my mortgage or lending credit scores! You could qualify to buy right now and think that you don't because you are looking at an inaccurate credit score on a consumer credit report. The only way you will know if you qualify for financing is if you have a loan officer pull your credit or you can pay for a credit report at

You Will Never Get Accurate Credit Information For Free!

Did You Know There Are Many Types Of

Credit Reports and Scores?

Auto Scores

(Car Dealerships Pull)

Bank & Credit Card Reports



There are also many different FICO scoring algorithms, the country is currently on FICO 9.

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