Passionate, Transparent, Caring

Shaunna Redmon

Wow, have I got a story for you! I am loving life right now, doing what I adore in the real estate industry for over a decade now. Not only do I get to make a living, but I also get to change people's lives every day through the magic of real estate. I'm talking every aspect of the industry - from representing luxury clients, sellers, buyers, renters and investors in both the residential and commercial markets.

But when I'm not out there selling properties and making dreams come true, I'm living it up with my amazing family. We're always cracking jokes and having a blast together. My hubby is my biggest fan, motivator, support system and truly amazing human who is BEATING CANCER AS WE SPEAK! When I'm not with him, you can find me surrounded by my closest friends, laughing, grooving to some fantastic tunes, eating the best food, going the coolest places and making new memories.

Lets go back a bit.. I grew up in Southern California and later moved to Utah to attend Weber State University. During my college years, I began my career in finance with Morgan Stanley, where I gained experience in loan approval and denial, chargebacks, disputes, and acquisition. It was during this time that I started studying FICO, FCRA, and FDCPA and began helping individuals fix their credit on the side.

After about five years, I transitioned to a position underwriting auto loans. This experience prompted me to start my own credit repair company, Bolt Credit Services, where I focused on helping loan officers and real estate agents retain their clients. Over the past two decades, I have become an expert in both personal and business credit. I am now a certified Credit Education Instructor through the State of Texas & the State of Utah to teach my, State Approved invaluable credit course: This Is Credit.

The best part of all this is that I God has blessed me with a gift to be able to help his amazing people every day. I'm passionate about going above and beyond for my clients and making sure that they're beyond satisfied with their experience. Seeing the smile on their faces and knowing that I played a role in their happiness is the ultimate reward.

20 Years Experience
Fierce Negotiator
Ultra Personal Touch
Defined by Service
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